A game where you try to grow the biomass of your planet, made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 44.

Goal of the Game

There are asteroids passing by.  Each type of asteroid carries a kind of resource necessary for life.  However, life is fragile!  In order for it to develop, you need to provide your planet with exactly the right resources, by diverting asteroids away or towards the planet.

Complete the current "recipe" to produce more biomass.  When you reach enough biomass, your life forms will grow to the next stage, requiring different resources.  Be careful though!  If an asteroid not required hits the planet, it will cause a small-scale extinction, which reduces your biomass.  In the worst case, this might throw you back to a more primitive life form.


Click and drag on an asteroid to move it.  It works like a rubber band: stretch in a direction, then release to send the asteroid flying the opposite way.

The menu on the left shows:

  • On top: your total biomass
  • Below that (in white): the current "recipe" for life that you need to fulfill.  Each asteroid remaining is half-transparent.  Asteroids that have already been collected are full coloured.  The number "+xxx" indicates the amount of biomass gained by completing that recipe.
  • At the bottom (in red): the next "recipe" for life, that will be unlocked when your total biomass is at least equal to the number at the bottom of the recipe.

This game is best played on a touch screen, in landscape mode.  Try it on your convertible laptop, your smartphone or your tablet.

End Game

There is no upper limit to your biomass, but you lose if you ever reach 0.  In that case, the game crashes, because I didn't have time to make an end screen! :-D

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